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The PYAA Mission Statement


"The mission of the Plymouth Youth Athletic Association is to manage youth baseball and softball programs in the city of Plymouth."


The PYAA is an all volunteer organization that organizes and manages the summer recreational youth baseball and softball program in the city of Plymouth, Wisconsin.  Every year close to 500 kids participate in the various leagues run by the PYAA.  We serve kids that range in age from 4 to 15.  In addition, the PYAA contributes time and money to maintain and improve the various baseball fields in the city.  These facilities include Lions Park, Rotary Park, Lone Oak Field, City Park and Carl Loebe Field.  Funding for the PYAA's operations and projects is provided by participant fees, corporate sponsorships, fund raising and a contribution from the city and town of Plymouth.


We could not be successful without the help of parent volunteers.  Every year we have the opportunity for volunteers to coach, run concession stands, help with field maintenance, organize fund raising and many other projects.   If you would be interested in helping, please contact one of the board members listed below or email us at

PYAA Board Members

President                 Josh Chapman

Vice President         Joe Kiekhoefer

Secretary                 Kirsten Cooper

Treasurer                 Joe Williams

Board Member        Dusty Medved

Board Member        Nic Noster

Board Member        Josh Gumtow

Board Member        Tasha Bauer

Board Member        Rich Flunker

Board Member        Mark Raeder

Board Member        Stacey Rooker

Board Member        Jason Sauermilch

Board Member        Mitch Henschel

Board Member        Frank Arbuckle

Board Member        DJ Weber

Board Member        Brandon Froom


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