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Junior League

This league is organized for players who have completed Horizon League Baseball.  


Player Qualifications:

  • Players need to be in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade

    (based on grade as of registration date).

  • Must have completed Horizon League Baseball

    or equivalent program.

  • Players who have not participated in an

    equivalent league in the past must participate in

    a skills evaluation. The evaluation focuses on

    throwing, catching, batting and defensive skills.

    Based on the skills evaluation, it may be

    recommended that the player spends an additional

    year in the Horizon League in order to further

    develop their skills. The results of the evaluation

    are one of the factors used by the league

    coordinator and the coaches to assign players to

    specific teams. In limited cases, some players may be asked if they want to join the Cadet League.


  • TBD

League Description:

  • This league is organized such that team players are responsible for pitching.

  • Teams generally do not have more than 15 players.

  • All games are held at Lions Park. Game days are determined by the number of teams and games to be played during the season, but most are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some games and practices may be scheduled for weekends. Practice times are scheduled at the coach's discretions.

  • Practice starts in May, with games beginning at the end of May. The season ends with an interleague tournament at the beginning of August.

  • Games have a 2 hour time limit.

  • Innings end with 3 outs or batting through the order.

  • A 10 run rule is in effect AFTER the 5th inning.

  • All games have at least 1 umpire.

  • Games are played with 10 players in the field (4 outfielders).

  • Equal playing time for all players is encouraged, as well as exposure to different defensive positions. Coaches will determine the line up based on the individual's skill and emphasizing player safety.

  • Uniforms are provided by the league.

  • Team parents will be asked to volunteer to work at the Lions Park concession stand during at least one of their team's games. Scheduling is handled by the team's coach.

  • Some players may be asked to participate in an out-of-town tournament over a weekend. Players will be recommended by the coaches based on their ability and availability. The league coordinator is responsible for tournament scheduling and team selections.


League Description Link

Junior League Coordinator:

Travis Downs


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